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Discover – Doug Firebaugh’s Webinar Secrets

Results From Some Of Our Students

Dr. Doug Firebaugh is the radio personality of "The Millionaire Road" daily radio show and has been internationally known as an entrepreneur, author, trainer, keynote speaker and consultant to the home business profession for over 27 years.

“Since 2004 (back in the days of dial up AOL) we have produced over 1000 webinars and find them to be among our most effective marketing tools, helping to produce millions in revenues.”

“Never before has it been easier or more cost effective to host webinars than now. Every serious home business professional should be doing so.”
~Doug Firebaugh

The Time For Webinars Is Now! (Don’t Wait)

Talk about a PAY RAISE!! I took just ONE IDEA from one of Doug’s recruiting webinars a few years back and went on to earn an additional $100K the following year… from just ONE tip! His trainings and webinars are Gold! Webinar Recruiting Secrets is one of those rare training tools that you pick up every couple of years, and it changes your whole business. ~ Isaiah, FL

FINALLY someone has provided a system for people like me who are just starting out. Thanks Doug, you’ve given me the knowledge, tools, inspiration and direction I need to finally get my online recruiting off the ground. ~ Ricky M., Rocky Mount, VA

Doug, we don’t know how to thank you and Jodi enough! You said webinars would work and they do! I decided to charge for a 12 week course. My results from my first webinar are as follows: Over 100 paid registrants, over $20,000 in sales, hundreds of additional optins, and 25 new recruits just last week in my business! We have 2 more webinars scheduled! ~ Joel, TX

I have learned more about effective recruiting in two hours coaching with you than I have learned in seven years from my upline and my company. You’re wisdom and experience is invaluable and I can’t recommend your training to my team highly enough. ~ Denise, Orlando

Webinar Recruiting Secrets LIVE Training Event + Lifetime Access Members Area Includes:
One of the Biggest Obstacles people have to online recruiting is that it can be intimidating and overwhelming and they just don’t know where to begin. This webinar will move you from struggle to success!

Module 1 – 7 Reasons You Should Be Doing Webinars
  • WHY DO webinars – and Why do they work so well?
  • The Power of Webinars when Recruiting.
  • The Power of Visual Leverage.
  • The Power of The Story.
Module 2 – How To Easily Choose & Set Up Your Webinar Platform
  • How To Decide On The Right Platform For You
  • Understanding Your Options
  • Live vs. Evergreen
  • Mobile-Friendly Webinars

Module 3 – The Psychology Behind Webinar Recruiting Success”
  • Understanding What The Prospect Is Feeling During Your Webinar.
  • What NOT to do that everyone seems to do.
  • How To Draw The Prospect Into The Presentation.
Module 4 – The 4 Landmines You Must Avoid
  • Steps To Ensure Your Success.
  • Communication Do’s & Don’ts.
  • Engagement Strategies.

Module 5 – The 5 Simple Steps To An Incredibly Successful Webinar
  • The 5 Simple but Million Dollar Steps of Webinar Recruiting.
  • The Recruiting Path.
  • The Expection.
  • The Outcome.
  • Effective Follow Up.
Module 6 – How and Where To Find Your Prospects
  • Follow The Eyeballs!
  • Local Social
  • Using Tools

Module 7 – Effective Event Promotion – How To Invite Them So They Actually Show Up
  • Effective Recruiting Language.
  • Compelling Call To Actions that Create Urgency.
  • How to Get a Crowd at your Webinar .
  • The Invitation.
  • The “Magnet factor.”
Module 8 – The 7 Elements of a Magnetic Presentation
  • Compelling Visuals.
  • What Most Presentations are Missing.
  • The Secrets to a Dynamic Presentation.
  • The Impact of Simplicity.

Module 9 – The Secrets to Establishing Enormous Value
  • Understanding What The Prospect Values.
  • How to Quickly Enlarge Value.
Module 10 – How To Close Your Prospects
  • The One Mistake Everyone Seems To Make On Webinars.
  • Extreme Closing Language.
  • How To Start Closing From The Very Beginning.

Module 11 – Staying Connected Online & Offline
  • Building The Relationship.
  • Tools To Use.
  • Combining Online & Offline.
  • Connecting Points.
  • High Value Actions.
Module 12 -The Ultimate Million Dollar Recruiting Strategy
  • This is a Million Dollar Strategy worth the price of admission!

Here’s What a Few of Doug’s Industry Peers Are Saying… 

Tracy Monteforte

"Doug Firebaugh is a master at connecting with people and bridges the gap between old school and new school network marketing."

Tracy MonteforteTop Earner, Trainer & Radio Host

Margie Aliprandi

"There are very few people who really get it and know how to teach it… and know how to actualize it in other people."

Margie Aliprandi#1 Earner, Neways International

Terry Petrovick

"Doug Firebaugh is, in my opinion, the Jim Rohn of the network marketing profession. His stuff absolutely works."

Terry PetrovickTop Earner, Radio Host

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5 Fill In The Blank PowerPoint Templates

Professional, clean variety of editable templates for multiple presentation types to get started quickly with IMPACT.

Audio Interview with Multi Million Dollar Producer on Recruiting with Webinars!

Learn first hand from this Webinar business building guru marketing mind.

FREE 30 Day Trial Webinar Software

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Audio Bonus – 25 Ways To Generate FREE Traffic

In this bonus audio, you will discover 25 amazing free traffic strategies from a traffic driving powerhouse.

20 Step By Step How To Video Series on Google Hangouts

Everything you need to know about using google hangouts and youtube to host your webinars.

18 Bonus Recruiting & Personal Branding Videos

Enjoy the extra training on recruiting, prospecting and personal branding.

5 Autoresponder Email Templates for Webinar Follow Up

You’l also get a five part email follow up series for after your webinars to further the recruiting process.
Webinar Recruiting Secrets
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  • Fill-In-The-Blank and Fully Customizable Presentation Templates
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  • Hot List of Free and Inexpensive Image Sources
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"Doug Firebaugh has the unique ability of transforming people. If you’ve been struggling to hit your network marketing goals, I can think of no one more proficient and honorable to show you the way. His ability to perform and train is surpassed only by his compassion and modesty. Grab this if you’re serious about dominating your industry."

Chris DittemoreMarketer & Traffic Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What if I am not available to attend all or a portion of the live webinar?

The live webinar will be recorded and will become available with Lifetime Access to registered and logged in members of the Webinar Recruiting Secrets Course. The replays will be available within 48 hours of the live webinar.

How do I access the Bonus materials?

All of the Bonus materials including, videos, audios, pdf downloads, and software tools will be available in the members area to registered, ogged in members of the course with Lifetime Access.

Do I need to purchase or rent webinar software to host my own webinars?

No you can host webinars for free with Google Hangouts (we tell you how on the inside). Plus there are a few inexpensive webinar funnel software options that you may want to consider for convenience.

Is Doug available to do a private training webinar for my exclusive audience to promote this course?

Yes, providing his schedule allows for it, Doug is willing to do a private, free promotional training webinar to your list or team to help you promote this as an affiliate. Please contact us to schedule. Click Here.
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